Our Program is Much More Than Self-Defense. Karate Gives Kids the Skills They Need For Success at Home, School and in Life 
Welcome Parent...
Are you looking to boost your kids focus, goal setting, self-discipline,or self-respect? Let me tell you, kids emerge from our program changed for the better.
And their parents rave about the benefits.
Hi, my name is Scot Schwichow, I am the founder of Revolution Modern Martial Arts.

I'd like to tell you the stories of four kinds of kids that I've seen walk through the doors of my Martial Arts studio time and time again.

Chances are one (or more) of these stories will describe your kid. 

If so, I have good news. I will tell you how our Karate program transformed their lives. Then you will hear REAL stories from REAL PARENTS about the positive impact our program had on their child. 

Let's get started…

Story #1: "Wild Child"
Billy could never sit still in school. His teachers labeled him the "wild child". Every week Billy's mom would be told how he distracted the other kids in class. She knew that he was smart and had potential but wondered if there was a way to teach him to focus his energy on doing one thing at a time...

Story #2: "The Lazy Kid" It wasn't that Maddy wasn't smart it was just that she never gave a full effort into anything. Dad said that she needed to have a "kick in the pants."  Since she was so easy going she had mediocre grades and did just enough to get by.  She needed something that would show her the benefits of setting and achieving goals.

Story #3: "No Discipline!" Mrs Jones came to me saying that Donnie always had to be asked 10 times to do anything. If she didn't nag him about homework, putting his shoes away, taking the trash out – anything – it would never get done. The "professionals" said that he had an attention problem and needed medication. 

Story #4: "The Target" Every school has a bully. When I grew up there were a ton. They prey on smaller kids and it really messes with their self-esteem. Thomas was the type of kid who needed to learn how to assert himself. He was shy, and just didn't have much confidence. Of course this led to him getting picked on every day. Thomas never stood up for himself, because he didn't have the confidence to…

Finally, there is a solution......
Look, the stories above are fictional but they are based on the types of things I hear EVERY WEEK from parents. In fact, Thomas, the target of bullies....that was me. To be honest, when I was young I had a little bit of each of these kids in me. 

That all changed when my Mom and Dad enrolled me into a QUALITY MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM.

After just a few weeks of classes, parents report improvement in the following areas:
  •  Increased Focus - At our studio, we structure our classes so the kids do one thing at a time. This means that the younger kids might just do a drill for 30 seconds. As they get better, we push them to focus longer and on more complex tasks. 
  • They have fun because it is a "game" but parents see the benefits on the mat as well as at home. 
  • Goal Setting: Unlike other martial arts programs, we design our curriculum to set VERY CLEAR GOALS every single class. The students know each session what they must accomplish to progress. As they learn the value of setting and achieving goals, they become more ambitious at school and home.
  • Paying Attention: We instill the trait of discipline and listening day 1 at our martial arts program. We encourage the kids to be themselves and show leadership, but our instructors also set the expectation that when an adult speaks, the child listens. 
  •  Follow Through: Like goal setting, karate helps kids learn the value of following through. As it is said on our floor, "if you are going to take the time to do something, take the extra time to do it right." 

Revolution's Rock Solid Love our Karate Program or Get Your Money Back 100% Guarantee!

If after a few classes you do not feel that this is the right program for you or your child we will give you your money back.

That way you can use the same money to find a better fit.

But chances are you will love it here. And so will your kid.

Either way – you're more than welcome to try it out risk-free. You have nothing to lose!!
Get 6 Weeks of Kids Martial Arts Lessons for Only $69!
Offer includes 2 classes a week, a uniform, access to our private parents group and an enrollment in our "Ultimate Action Taker"online course. 
Over $300 in value all for just a fraction of the price!! 

p.s. We offer a full 100% money back guarantee!!!
"My son Andrew started the Warriors program in April of this year. The transformation we have seen in him has been absolutely positive. The way the Coaches interact with the students is nothing short of amazing. The commitment to each child, the overall hospitality, and the overall dedication by the Coaches and staff is second to none. I would recommend this program to anyone that wants to see their child grow and become the best person they can be"

Logan M
"We highly recommend!!! Scot and the team are always encouraging and everyone there has become like family. They have taught my son confidence, how to conquer his fear of change, taught him respect and discipline. In addition to that, they also teach age appropriate basic academic skills. Thank you very much!"

Anais J
"My 4 year old has been at Revolution Self Defense for about 5 months and he is a TOTALY different kid, since starting. He is an impulsive, spirited, strong willed kid and this school has been the best thing for him. His behavior has improved so much. His response to challenges has changed. He LOVES karate! The owner and his staff are very professional, very attentive and responsive to questions and concerns. The school is very clean. Love this school!"

Amy J
About Revolution Modern Martial Arts
Since opening in 2009, Revolution Modern Martial Arts has worked towards the goal of providing the very best experience we can for our members and family. 

Our founder, Scot Schwichow, has been involved in the martial arts industry since the 1990's and when he decided to become a full time school owner he knew that the old ways of running a martial arts program had to change.

Unlike the average martial arts school, Revolution Modern Martial Arts and their staff actually model the traits and behaviors they teach their students. 

Things like confidence, dedication, focus and respect are not simply selling points at our facility. These traits are consistently modeled by our instructors and actually taught to the students.  
We are the TOP RATED Martial Arts Facility in Johnston County!
  •  Five Star Rating on Google: We have earned over 100 reviews on google!
  •  100 Five Stars on Facebook: Parents, like you, rave about our program!
  •  Premium Equipment and Training Space: We invest back into our facility!
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee: Love our program too or get your money back!
Our Program Builds Confidence!
  •  Structured Classes:  Our lesson plans are established months in advance
  •  Feedback on Progress Every Class: We test every student, every day for growth
  •  Graded Belt Promotions: No participation awards with us, students EARN belts
Our Chief Instructor and founder knows the in's and outs of teaching confidence, achievement and respect. 

Scot Schwichow - 5th Degree Black Belt


My name is Scot and I am the owner of Revolution Modern Martial Arts. Many who meet me say that I exude confidence, dignity and respect.....but it wasn't always that way.

By the time I reached middle school, I was a mediocre student, poor athlete, and I was being bullied all the time. Needless to say, this resulted in me having absolutely ZERO confidence. What made matters worse was that I was hanging around with the kids who were smoking cigarettes, cutting class and getting into trouble. 

My parents knew that I needed a new course so they enrolled me in a karate program. IT WAS A GAME CHANGER!

I realized that by associating with my current circle I was going to go nowhere, fast, so I decided to spend my time at the karate dojo instead of hanging around the neighborhood. 

The trajectory of my life changed dramatically. I no longer was that "at risk kid." Instead, I became focused, my grades improved, and I began to treat myself and others with respect. 

I also stopped the bullying in its tracks. Through karate, my confidence began to soar, and I was reaping the benefits.   

Since then I have been fortunate to accomplish many things that would not have been impossible without confidence:

-Bachelors Degree in Psychology
-Successful Career in Sales
-Author of an Amazon Best Selling Book
-Former President of a Clayton Mid Rotary Club
-Founder of Two Successful Businesses
-Creator of the A.S.S.E.R.T. Method of Self Defense

I realized long ago that confidence was the underlying foundation of all success. I have worked tirelessly to test and discover the most efficient ways to teach confidence to my students and I have seen many kids flourish over the years. 

I would be honored to have the opportunity to work with you and your family at Revolution Modern Martial Arts.

-Scot Schwichow 
Revolution Modern Martial Arts was founded in 2009 and has served thousands of customers in Clayton North Carolina
Clayton Parents -Get 6 Weeks of Kids Martial Arts Lessons for Only $69!
Offer includes 2 classes a week, a uniform, access to our private parents group and an enrollment in our "Ultimate Action Taker"online course. Over $300 in value all for just a fraction of the price!!

We'd love you to try out our studio and meet our members. 
We Are Local. Come Visit Us:
8970 US Business 70 in Clayton
PS - If you're anything like us, you just skipped to the end anyways. So here's the scoop - we are offering 6 Weeks of Kids Martial Arts Lessons for Only $69!
Our intention is to show you how our program can help your child  so that you decide to become a member beyond the first 6 weeks.

Look, if after a few classes you and your kid do not love our program we will give you a full refund. You have nothing to lose! 

⚠️(spoiler**most people stay because they love the fact that their child is learning positive behavior in a goal oriented environment- you've been warned ⚠️
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